If you love sluts, set them free

For many of the right reasons, the most underused word in the world today is liberation. In the age of microaggression and emotional safety, we are failing to frame progression in terms of the loser. That is, the robust framing that is the source of the era of luxury that has allowed the left to become overcome by chauvanistic pedantry.

If we look at the struggle against slut oppression – or promiscuous liberation, as it is mistitled – we find an earnest and significant struggle for freedom that is as commendable as it is mocked, and will continue to be. With similar proportionality, the underlying principles are as non-controversial as they are banal, and are reiterated to a degree that betrays an awareness of how overdone liberation has become in the past century. If anyone doubts the significance of this dissidence, then please remember the outburst in our latent culture seen yearly in every high school in our civilization.

From my perspective, complacency and its obverse detraction here may be a combination of genuine oppression, humiliation, undesirability, and the ultimate importance of discretion. No thinking moralistic would feel comfortable slurring someone a slut at this point in the development of this movement, but if someone is called a slut, an undeterred progressive can find contention and chagrin in a woman’s resulting distress. If you truly believe that you have nothing to be ashamed of, then someone’s desire to see you agitated alone should be inconsequential.¹ In a better world we could all call a woman a slut, and then ask her how she could care until this is truly over.

The issue is not grounded in male fragility, but in a more basic instinctive embarrassment that is identical to that of being seen with an ugly woman. It is distinct from the reported male requirement of being seen to be masculine and is located in a basket of displays that allow you to be cool. The same emotion may arise not only when your partner is ugly, but when she either publicly or privately boring, idiotic, lame, or overly affectionate. If these attributes are deconstructed, the only opposition that appears to transcend sensibility and lay outside of political acceptability is opposition to promiscuity. This may be merely a matter of equality, and therefore offers greater simplicity and complexity, but we should suppress the instinct against misguided sexual discrimination to the degree that it is incommensurable with a fear of disease.² Anything additional is arbitrary discrimination. It tells people that they should compromise their lives to appease you, and dispossesses those who opt for happiness and joy. A pointless and harmful flail.

The prevalence of the attachment to this instinct places slut liberation in the position of being relatively brave opposition and should receive unanimous support from those who genuinely oppose bigotry and a society founded on petty preference. To finish this, I would like to say to every woman reading that you are a filthy slut. I hope that your only concern is why you’re so filthy. We love you.

¹ I am extremely cognizant of the scarcity of my innate position here. The first time that I was told that a stranger hated me, I realised how little this had to do with me, and have never come to understand why this could or should impact me, emotionally. As much as standing for something will ensure that you are hated, standing for nothing will see the same result so long as you are known. I have always suspected that the mentality that I have responded to is only silenced after adolescence. So, I will never stop supporting a self-righteous reflective or thinking that stoicism is a profound practicality and virtue.

² To understand how this isn’t an offensive position, please research the rate of infection for various STDs when a condom is used.

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